TORONTO, CANADA – December 6, 2010 – Brown Entertainment and Beef Films today announced that Brown will be marketing Beef Films’ roster of directing talent in Canada.

The affiliation between Brown, known as one of Canada’s top production houses, with Beef Films, a leading production studio based in Los Angeles, creates new creative possibilities for advertising agencies looking for spot-helmers.

Brown executive producer David Cranor has a longstanding relationship with the founder of Beef Films, Nick Spooner, dating back to 1999.  David comments, “Nick and I have stayed in touch over the years and appreciate the common ground we share both professionally and personally. There’s a good vibe between our companies and we’re thrilled to align with Beef Films.”

The new relationship between Beef Films and Brown will focus on delivering agencies the best talent for an advertising or interactive campaign. “Beef Films executive producer Ashley Adams says, “By working together, we will offer the global advertising business a great line-up of directors.  We’re excited at the possibilities!”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Brown is a commercial production company with a roster of international directors including Mike Clattenburg, Eddy Chu, Simon Cracknell, Dean Fourie, Henrik Lagercrantz, Michael Maxxis, Joseph Nanni, Vincenzo Natali, Robert Nylund, Micky Suezler, Jamie Travis, Sean Wainsteim, Jamie Way, Scott Otto Anderson and Jack Wung.  Brown launched Cartilage in 2010, a company that specializes in the production of integrated digital advertising campaigns.

More information may be found at www.brown25.com.

Beef Films is a collective of filmmakers who all share a common goal: to do the very best work. Built largely on their passion for the arts, the people behind Beef Films are quickly turning the traditional perception of production into one of sophistication without evident effort. The overall concept is simple, but offers exactly the kind of flexible production capabilities to which today’s clients are attracted.

Beef Films’ intent is to partner with its clients from start to finish, elevating the creative and delivering a product that is truly exceptional. As part of their business model, they represent both commercial and long-form directors and, depending upon a clients’ needs, can seamlessly package TV, web demands and editorial solutions of any size into a single budget, setting them ahead of today’s constantly evolving production curve. Beef Films offers a wide range of directorial talent, production veterans, top-notch editors and creative minds, delivering the full scope of the production experience. Each and every person at Beef Films plays a distinct and significant role in the process, contributing to a collaborative culture that integrates their varied backgrounds and promotes shared success.  Beef Films’ directors include Pascal Franchot, Michael Pescasio, Nick Spooner, Danny T., and directing collective LITTLE RED ROBOT.