Brown Director Michael Maxxis recently directed a music video for Canadian Indie rock band Hot Hot Heat’s single titled "Goddess on the Prairie." In the video, a man smuggles Mexican women in the U.S. and sells them out of an ice cream truck. A band, drinking and driving, buys one of the women and takes her into their trailer one by one.

Commenting on the controversial subject matter, Michael Maxxis says, "I’d say that more than anything what happens in the video is a tongue in cheek portrayal of the issue. It’s basically portraying Mexicans as alien commodities, much like how they are portrayed by mainstream media. In the news it seems like these people are dismissed as aliens, so that’s how I portrayed them in the video. The video is ridiculous, much like the portrayal of Mexicans in the media."

"Goddess on the Prairie" is the second video Maxxis has directed for Hot Hot Heat (the first was "21@12"). Maxxis incorporated a combination of stylized aesthetics and raw, natural cinematography into the video to give it a classic 70’s cinematic look.

Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat says, "Goddess on the Prairie is, by far, the best looking video we’ve ever been a part of. Similar to our other video we did with Mike, it looks like a snippet from a classic film you’ve never seen. Mike sets up a bunch of bizarre elements and then simply asks you to be yourself. It’s sort of like throwing chemicals in a beaker and seeing if something explodes."

Michael comments on working with Hot Hot Heat, "The group and I share the same sense of humor, aesthetic tastes, and general approach to creating art, whether it be film or music. This production was a true collaboration and an absolute pleasure."

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