Production house Brown is making its official entrance into the digital world with the launch of sister company Cartilage. Cartilage will offer advertising agencies a crack team of talented artists, each specializing in the creation of integrated advertising campaigns.

At a time when a single campaign may span a gamut of media - television, Internet, mobile phones, games - Cartilage responds to ad agencies' need fora creative company that understands digital marketing, and does it all in one collaborative atmosphere.

Cartilage's unique website showcases the company's facility with interactivity while also outlining its appeal to agencies. The homepage features a group photo of creative directors from nine agencies, from DraftFCB to Ogilvy London. As you click on each director, he or she offers a thoughtful analysis on the need for Cartilage's services in an evolving media world.

William Cranor, executive producer and founder of Brown and Cartilage, explains, "Whether you're making a TV or cinema spot, or shooting digital elements necessary for an immersive website, or creating more digital files that would be used as floating ads or directly targeted websites, Cartilage understands the business of digital content creation. We offer creative and strategic leadership from the beginning of the production process."

"Cartilage provides creative, technical and production experts for the creation of integrated advertising campaigns. Each carefully picked teamworks together to deliver a seamless multi-platform initiative from the ground up," Brown executive producer/head of sales Chilo Fletcher says. "By offering a range of experts from a single production house, Cartilage makes integrated marketing easy: It's a lot of top chefs in one kitchen - in the most positive sense of the phrase."

One of the top commercial production companies in Canada, Brown is known for its consummately professional but laidback approach with clients. "We're the teenage rebel who gets straight As," continues Fletcher. "We're fun, but we understand the business." The company boasts directors like Jaime Travis, hailed by the Toronto Sun as "one of the most original voices in Canadian cinema." Travis won wide acclaim last year for his spot called 'Scooter' which played at the Worldwide Short Film Festival and won Silver at the One Show, Silver in Cannes, a Gold Bessie, Gold ADCC Award, Bronze Marketing Award and a Clio nomination. To see Scooter go to http://www.brown25.com/recent-work

The Cranor brothers (William and David) founded Brown in 2003 and William Cranor founded digital asset management company adbeast. Cartilage is a natural byproduct of the two projects, merging the world of production with the Internet.

For more information please visit http://www.brown25.com/ or visit the Cartilage Digital Vimeo page.